At Patriot Pharmaceuticals, LLC, we believe innovation is enhanced through partnership with medical professionals, institutions and non-profit organizations to further patient care, advance medical progress and enhance the well-being of the communities in which we live and work.

As a company dedicated to improving health, we take pride in our collaboration with medical professionals and organizations in their pursuit of the most current information and education about the products and services we offer. This exchange strengthens the health care system, helping patients live healthier, more productive lives.

Medical professionals with real-world clinical experience in specific therapeutic areas are uniquely qualified to work with their peers, providing education and insights on advancements regarding the use of our products with patients. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards to ensure our interactions are conducted appropriately. We regularly review and amend our practices according to our own ethical standards as well as the standards required of us wherever we operate.

Ultimately, our goal is to foster an environment focused on improving health. We remain committed to addressing unmet needs through investments in research and development, compliant peer-to-peer education and community support. It is our hope that greater transparency, through disclosures on this website and under Open Payments (U.S. Physician Payments Sunshine Act), will enhance trust and further an appreciation for collaborations between our company and medical professionals, institutions and non-profit organizations that lead to important clinical advances and improved patient outcomes.